Fine Art

Prints are individually made on fine art papers and will be delivered within 6 weeks of receiving a 50% deposit. The remaining balance is due upon receipt of print. Prints are signed and unmatted. Prices start at $350. Contact Bill with the file name for specific size and price information. 



Most images on this site, as well as a large library of others, are available for stock usage. Fees are based on industry standard usage rates. Payment is due on receipt of image and prior to publication. Contact Bill with specific or type of image needed. 


Consulting / Training

Bill can provide mentoring for individuals, training for small groups, or presentations for large groups on a variety of photographic topics. Classes and presentations are customized for the client. Price quotes will be made for a package--including all fees and expenses. 50% of the quote is required in advance for booking dates. Balances are due prior to the first session. Quotes are calculated on a $200 per hour or $1500 per day base rate, but the more time scheduled in the package, the better the base rate becomes. There is a 3 hour minimum for local clients, increasing to a 1 day minimum for any package requiring air travel or more than a 3 hour drive one way. 


Assignment Shooting

Bill shoots for a wide variety of commercial and corporate clients around the world. His photography includes, but is not limited to: travel, environmental, portraiture, industrial, and commercial work. He has shot on-location throughout the United States, as well as in Ireland, Italy, Tanzania, Kenya, Estonia, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Monaco and France, among others. Assignments are generally quoted based on a $2500 day rate plus expenses.