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Bill Durrence | Photographer
Bill Durrence | Photographer
Bill Durrence | Photographer
Bill Durrence | Photographer
Bill Durrence | Photographer
Bill Durrence | Photographer
Bill Durrence | Photographer

Private Lessons and Custom Classes 

Private classes and workshops can be customized for individuals and groups.

These sessions can be tailored for content, meeting times, and locations

to suit the unique needs of the client(s). 

Shooting With Friends 

Small Group Photography Trips

This is a new photo education format for me, modeled on doing the things I most enjoy when making photographs--hanging out in an interesting location with a small group of simpatico friends who understand there's a time to work together and a time to separate and work alone, a time to chat, and a time for silence, and that sometimes you need to put the camera down and be consumed by the moment.

Our trips will be low impact, attracting as little attention as possible, and leaving little wake in our path. We will limit each trip to a localized area so we have time to get to know it instead of being frequently on the move, and schedules will be flexible to suit the light, not an agenda.

These workshops will be listed immediately after this on my Programs page, as they are scheduled. If you would like to be on the newsletter mailing list for these programs, send me that request with a current email address.

BD's Digital Boot Camp 

These are 3 day hands-on workshops in the process of digital photography. We will shoot, download, edit and print to establish a clear understanding of good workflow habits, with an emphasis on creating a personal file management system. This class is limited to 6 students, max. Because of the small size of the class, a variety of skill levels from (almost) beginner to advanced can be accommodated.

The class will cover the terminology and process of digital photography, clearly defining the digital vocabulary and discussing the various hardware components necessary. Through live demonstrations, we will see how to use the assorted types of software that make up the Digital Darkroom and develop an understanding of the digital photography workflow from beginning to end, from understanding how to set camera menus, shoot and download photos, to how to edit the image, and get the best print quality. 

The class will not be a Photoshop class, but we will demonstrate some basic editing techniques and tools as part of the total digital process.

The class will not cover any business or marketing aspects of photography.

The class requires you to have a laptop computer and editing software for the lab portion of the workshop.

This class is currently being offered only as a custom class and scheduled for the convenience of any group interested in contracting it. This program is also mobile and I can bring it to you.

Personal Boot Camp 

Want to understand more about technical or aesthetic aspects of working with your camera? Need help learning how to edit your photographs?

The "Personal Boot Camp" is an intense 15-20 hours of photographic instruction within a 48 hour period. You create the curriculum for an individual or small group; you pick the time and location.

Workshop fee is $1800, plus any associated travel and location expenses.